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Are you missing all of your favourite television channels from home? Now you can kick back and enjoy over 170 live satellite channels and more than 1,300 free channels in the comfort of your own home with A2 SATV's next- generation satellite TV box. On-site installation is free if you're in Shanghai within the Middle Ring Road, and for those of you outside of Shanghai, you'll manage it yourself with plug-and-play installation. The next generation satellite TV Box brings you the whole new experience of watching satellite TV as if you are at your hometown. TV as it’s supposed to be.

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Consumer: Scam

targets satellite TV


If you're a satellite television customer, you may get a phone call from crooks. The most recent one targets those who have Dish Network, but remember, scammers are always looking to reach more pockets, so beware. Thanks to the Kalinas of Monument and the Edmonds family of Colorado Springs. Both received calls from a friendly guy with a foreign accent. The Edmondses said that when they saw the Caller ID display the Dish Network name and the 800 number, they weren't suspicious. The man who identified himself as Kevin Morgan with Dish was very polite, educated and smooth. Both families were asked to turn on their televisions and push the "menu" button twice to pull up the system information screen. Then they were asked to read off some numbers on the screen. Afterwards, both families were told, "Your receiver box is old. You need a new one."

Americans Say

Cable, Satellite TV

Too Expensive,

Too Restrictive

Most Americans have cable or satellite TV and don’t like the service they get. As far as they’re concerned, it’s too expensive and doesn’t offer them enough flexibility. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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A plan for a national ombudsman to help resolve complaints with satellite and cable TV companies is drawing praise from a Manitoban who recently went public about his Bell satellite bill. "I think this is great," said Jeremy Bender, who recently told the CBC News I-Team about his difficulty with Bell Canada over his monthly television bill.
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